Nathalie Chappert

Since her childhood and adolescence, drawing and painting have been an integral part of her artistic creation.

After a creative career in the fashion design and textile industry, she successfully invested in her own industrial embroidery business.

She then launched herself into the creation of sacred geometries expressed in the form of embroidery, combining her profession and her passion.

Art will was to become  a way of life.

The revelation came  in 2015, after the creation of a series of portraits and drawings using  felt pens, which got her noticed during an exhibition.

A self-taught painter, her painting is essentially intuitive and feminine.

Curves, arabesques and colours influence her creativity and come to life at the end of her brushes, creating a joyful synergy of colours and motifs.

Her creations have a great freedom of expression and movement, all with a very intuitive approach.

She is guided by movement, colour and emotional expression. The result is works that radiate energy and light wrapped in a beautiful positive energy.

The large format becomes the privileged support which allows all these beautiful energies to reach their full potential.

Since 2020 her style has evolved.

The discovery of aboriginal and Amerindian art is making her art evolve in a new and very inspired direction.

...The journey has just begun.