She has always been passionate about art.

Drawings and paintings were an integral part of her childhood

After having successfully invested in her industrial embroidery business, she decided in recent years to focus on her passion for painting

Artist-painter, and musician (bass and singing), her creations are like a channeled inspiration with a great freedom of expression, movement and very intuitive approach.

She is guided in movement color and expression of emotions and the result is works that radiate energy and light.

The large format is often preferred to allow all these beautiful energies to reach their full potential.







I am a self-taught painter. I loved to paint and draw since early childhood.

Curves, color, femininity are my main sources of inspiration. 
Painting allows me to release my emotions, to express what I cannot verbalize. It is my source of joy, my confidant, my best friend...sometimes it forces me to go beyond my limits, to reach the unknown without fear, just by trusting what happens... I then feel like a spark, a little happiness that grows deep inside me and illuminates my whole being!
Through my works you will inevitably discover my personality, the true and unique one, the one who speaks with the heart and dares with his soul...